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High Quality Aluminum Butt Plugs with Round Jewel - Available in Different Sizes and Different Colors

Regular price $24.99

Classic in shape, the Plug's sleek tip penetrates comfortably before swelling gradually to max thickness. Once in place, a slim neck helps hold things in place while you show off the glittery pink gem embedded in the base. Speaking of the base, it's nice and wide, the circular shape preventing any too-deep slips.

A flared base allows the jewel to sit snugly between your butt cheeks and comfortably remain there for hours or even days at a time, should that be your royal whim. The classic bulb shape combines comfort and pleasure to create a bedroom experience which is truly both erotic and luxurious.

Features: Temperature sensitive - put in warm water and it stays warm for a long time, put in the fridge, stays cool for a long time.